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Daniele Falzarano was born in Latina, Italy on january 14,1982. He has studied sociology, specializing in antropological interculture in Rome and Academy of fine arts in Frosinone. In the same time influence he has take at measureswith the painting, started how autodidact in Young age and after go to laboratory of the teacher Giuseppe Di Salvo. In the years Falzarano share international competition and personal and group exhibition of picture. In those contest him win prizes. The art critic, Franco Borretti, describe Falzarano painter: him expression in the picture, the interior world, fact the sensitive search and sociology engagement. Each picture is allegorical story, organic and plastic exaltation in the same time, express pure reality of the colour and light. The figures and scenary continously breakup. Him picture surface intersect with varied affinity, confer the perceptive ritm and ideal at the finaly picture. Exsistence in him informal implication who to space of the surrealism at the expression, who stylize on the articolation of space and form, Whole and evocative. Indicative artistic search all him extremely rich of ideas sensation and concepts. At the present Falzarano lived and work among Krakow and Rome, Latina where there is laboratory. This painter is free lancer, painting around the word, for the study and progressive improvement. 

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Latina- museum Cambellotti, 07/2009; Bassiano(LT)- vernissage, 08/2009; Cisterna di Latina (LT)-vernissage palazzo Caetani, 08/2009; Bastia Umbra(PG)-art fair, 09/2009; Sermoneta(LT)-exhibition, 07/2010; Frosinone-exhibition art group, 10/2010; Latina-vernissage casa del combattente, 02/2011; Albano Romano (RM)-art fair, 06/2011; Latina-vernissage Galleria Ruspi, 11/2011; Pescara- art exhibition teatro D'Annunzio, 11/2011; Krakow-exhibition WeL art gallery,02/2012; Krakow-exhibition art gallery Rempex, 06/2012; Latina-vernissage galleria Ruspi, 08/2012; Colleferro(RM)-art exhibition, 12/2012; Latina-vernissage casa del combattente, 04/2013; Krakow-vernissage 22 Florianskà art gallery, 07/2013; Krakow-exhibition WeL art gallery, 07/2014; Latina-collective exhibition, 12/2014; Sermoneta (LT)-exhibition in the Caetani's room, 04/2015; Latina- collective exhibition art on the street, 06/2015; Latina-collective exhibition Terra Pontina museum. 03/2016; Dushanbe (Tajikistan) Silk Road Pearl International exhibition, 11/2016; Bishkek (Kirghizistan) Diverse Civilization shared the future exhibition, 07/2018; Bishkek (Kirghizistan)-International exhibition of works by artist for peace Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit 2019, 06/2019

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