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ANGELA MARIA TUCCINARDI was born in a small tourist town on the coast of Lazio in Italy.

After graduating from the artistic High School she continued her studies at the Academy of fine arts of Bari and  Rome and attended the Free School of Nude in Paris. She studied  under the guidance of artists such as Roberto De Robertis, Franco Gentilini and Felice Ludovisi. She, after the degree in Painting, obtained a Masters in Aesthetics Communication and  Museum Study at the University of Tor Vergata.

Since 1974 she did solo and participated in group exhibits in Taranto, Milan, Venice and Gorizia and abroad, Paris, Malta, California. Since 1998 she lives and works in California, in the Foothills.

She is the author of the books:

Academy-Bottega-Museum - a Brief Journey, 2018, Amazon

The Silence Beyond Words - Extracts of Moments, 2013, first edition Blue Logic, Amazon

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Artist CV

Master's Degree in Aesthetic Communication and Museum Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Painting

Solo Exhibitions:

2016 "La Comedia a Pastelli" Illustrazione di alcuni canti del Purgatorio di Dante

Medieval   Poppi's Castle, Arezzo, Italy

2005 Oakridge Studio "Between Sculpture, and Game Design," Oregon House, CA. USA.

1997 Palazzo Romanelli, Cultural Association, Venice, Italy

1993 Naviglio Christmas "Painters on the canal," Milan, Italy

1991 Gallery "the Ancient Walls", Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy

1991 Gallery "Cardo ", Ronchi dei Legionari, Gorizia, Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1995  1st International Biennale of Malta, Section: Painting, Valletta, Malta

1993 Calligraphy Circle INCIPIT "Song of Songs" Gradisca, Gorizia, Italy

1992 Calligraphy Circle INCIPIT "Between Fable and Fantasy", Staranzano, Gorizia, Italy

1991 Calligraphy INCIPIT Circle, Illustration, "History on paper" Sagrado, Gorizia, Italy

1991 Gallery Kulturni Don, "Review Painters Isonzo" Gorizia, Italy

1988 Lincoln Lodge, "Collective Show," Renaissance, Oregon House, CA. USA

1982 Art Gallery, "Collective Show," Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Paris, France

1974 Art Gallery "Sacred Art, Forgive" Taranto, Italy

Honors and Awards

1995 Extempora Painting, Third Prize Staranzano, Gorizia, Italy

1994 Mondadori Art Prize, "Reporting in the top 200," Milan, Italy

1979 A + with Honor in Artistic Anatomy, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome

1974 Art Gallery "Sacred Art, Forgive" Reporting for originality '' Taranto, Italy


"Academy-Bottega-Museum - a Brief Journey" Author, 2018, - Amazon

 "Day Barque" Contributor as Fine Art Artist to the Art Magazine, 2014-2015 - Amazon

"The Silence Beyond Words" Author and Illustrator, 2013 - Blue Logic - Amazon,

"Incipit" Contributor to the Magazine, 1991-1993 Staranzano, Italy - Designed cover, wrote reviews of exhibitions.

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