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Simona Elia, nata nel 1981 a Salerno, laureata con Lode in Ing. Elettronica, ha conseguito il Dottorato di Ricerca sulle nanotecnologie applicate alla neurostimolazione. Da sempre interessata al funzionamento del cervello, alla psicologia e all’arte, ha dato vita ad un’ampia produzione di dipinti e liriche, premiate presso innumerevoli concorsi letterari: è in fase di pubblicazione il suo primo libro con Aletti Editore. I suoi lavori pittorici -spesso digitali-, di cui alcuni sono stati esposti in contesti internazionali come il BACC di Bangkok e in Ottobre 2021  presso la mostra "Object d'Art" di "The Holy Art" in Londra, strizzano l’occhio all’iperrealismo trascendendolo: la realtà è frammentata/distorta e la perfezione del realismo s’infrange contro la sua rielaborazione soggettiva, mediante strisce moltiplicazione di elementi, esplosione di volti, che evocano frammenti e contraddizioni della coscienza nell’uomo contemporaneo.

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Simona Elia, grew up in the South of Italy in Paestum, a major ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Magna Graecia, where three magnificent Doric Temples stand up in front of Time. Since her first childhood, thus, she has soon started “breathing” the Poetry in the struggle between the accents of ethernal and perfect classicity and the intriguing, decaying and consuming power of Time (“cruel” REALITY) passing over it. Past and Future as the theatre of a battle of Supremacy, building up her sense of emotional intensity, melancholy, search for Real Beauty and investigation on the vibrating connection among human things, art and nature. Some sort of Jungian panistic sense of Life appeared. Therefore, she started to be intrested in Psychology and Brain functioning and Neuroscience. This led her to start drawing, painting and writing poems, winning many national and international prizes.
On the other hand she has always been extremely intrigued by numbers, with their rules and perfect order (just as in classical art-works proportions). She has always looked at Mathematics (as well as Physics) as a very elegant and powerful tool to describe reality and possibly modify it. Modern Man and its Technology would not be the same without. Humans can change their environment thanks to them. They can elaborate signals, store pieces of information, manipulate things, design, create and product artifacts thanks to them.
Thus, she graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering and then she obtained PhD degree in Information Engineering with a thesis on nanotechnology applied to neural stimulation, producing a numerical model to describe nanoelectrodes- neuron interface.
The background attained, thus pushed her to approach contemporary art in a different way, preferring digital paintings to handmade ones.
Meanwhile, the connection between all these different fields of knowledge became closer and closer and a global vision of our fragmented life started to appear.
Her works drive inspiration by a hyperrealistic approach but they transcend it, looking for some sort of contamination with suggested-Symbolism. Her works often show or gently suggest a fragmented (distorted) reality where the perfection of realism breaks againts the wall of subjective re-elaboration of reality through the vibrating soul of the artist. Thus strips, segments, breaking points, replication or explosion of faces into pieces have started to appear in her works. These patterns reconcile the realism with symbols fusing reality with elements useful for its interpretation. They talk about contemporary dissociation between the inner parts of humans. Outside versus inside. Inside as a fragmentary contraddictory world. Strips as curtains partially unvealing and partially distorting reality.
Painting Videoexpositions:
-“BUDAPEST ARTEXPO –Biennale Internazionale dell’Est” 2019. Paintings included in “Artisti 2020-Annuario Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea”- MONDADORI
- “Premio Michelangelo”, Roma, July 2021 (Vittorio Sgarbi in the jury) Painting included in the Art Magazine “ARTNow-Promotore di Creatività” March 2021.
-Selected for Art 3f Fair in Alta Savoia- QueenArtStudio Gallery (to be held in October 2021)
Paintings Physical Exhibition:
- Biennale di Arte contemporanea, Visual Poetry, PALAZZO MERIZZI, Lombardia, Italy.
-Selected for ”Object d’Art”- Exhibition by “The Holy Art”, a London based organization, curating photography & art exhibitions in the UK and abroad.(to be held in London 15-21th October 2021 )

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