by Carla Bertoli

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Mixed technique 50x40-2019

The fairy is a magical being, a spirit of nature ..
She is present in fairy tales and mythology, she is supernatural, that is, she has nothing human but the appearance to be perceived by us.
The name fairy derives from the Latin name of the Fates which is Fatae, or those who preside over Fate.
Since the most remote times it has always been considered that the fairy beings, those creatures that represent the infinity contained in the heart and soul of each of us, had more ancient origins than human and even animal ones; therefore, the human being was and is considered to be a life form that still has much to learn from other species.
I have always dreamed of being part of the world of fairies, ethereal memories of my childhood. Beauty cloaks herself in wild ivy, like a fairy.
The background is abstract with color blends of blue, red, white.
The hair was made with stucco, murrine and stones, the ivy with recycled materials.

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