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To expose for free your paintings you only need to sign up on our virtual art gallery. It's free and you can publish all the paintings you like to, your biography, your CV, your personal data, the criticism to your artworks, news, videos and get comments and "likes" on your paintings from other users on the website.

PitturiAmo® gives you the chance to have a free art gallery that remains open 24 h/24 for 365 days/year. All this for free. It's not over, since the signed up are divided by geographic areas, it's much easier to be detected from who is searching for contemporary painters in a specific region or province.

PitturiAmo® it's a web portal entirely dedicated to the contemporary painters which provides a direct transaction with the artist without any interferences and without additional fee on the artworks. It just puts in direct touch both artist and acquirer.

PitturiAmo® has a great location on search engines through thousands of key words, so you can capture visibility in order to sell your paintings, present yourself and find new partners, without spending a thing since the sign up is Free.

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You can publish:

  • All the paintings you like to;
  • Your personal data;
  • Your biography;
  • Your CV;
  • The criticism to your artworks;
  • News, articles regarding your activity;
  • Video.

and receive:

  • "likes" and comments on your artworks;
  • Information requests from the interested in purchase users;
  • proposals by critics and gallery owners;
  • fee income by potential customers;
  • visibility.

Your profile will be active on PitturiAmo® right away and you can start advertising your artworks. Once the users start a reasearch on the website, your paintings might be selected based on technique, size and price. After signing up you'll be added to the list on the Home Page, among the latest signed up painters. This way you'll get more visibility. You're dedicated a form through which you may receive contacts from potential acquirers. You can delete your profile and the information added on PitturiAmo whenever you'd prefer to.

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Look among the modern paintings online on sale on PitturiAmo, without any inerferences. Direct contact between the artist and the acquirer only.