Arboreal autobiographies

by Elisa Marianini

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The image of the tree arouses numerous thoughts that often revolve around two characteristics that it possesses: on the one hand the being connected to two kingdoms - heaven and earth - representing the exchange and the intimate necessity of completion between immaterial heavenly "and the" earthly material ", on the other, the image of a path, understood as a process of growth and evolution. 

This reconciliation between opposing worlds brings with it the aspiration to a journey of growth and evolution.

Through the image of the tree that is continually renewed and reborn, which nourishes itself from a source declared sacred by the gold background - color of eternity - I wanted to represent that humanity that as the tree seeks as deep aspiration, rebirth and the perennial renewal of life, the incessant anxiety towards order and harmony.

Under the trunk of the tree and around it, however, life is not interrupted, but possesses an extraordinary magical power: the roots formed by many different human faces must lead us to the intuition that we too are living trees united in a sacred family.

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