Birth of a shadow

by David Higginson

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Every day, as we journey through life, we encounter a multitude of experiences and information that we absorb into our being. The majority of these encounters contribute positively to our growth and understanding of the world around us. However, amidst this daily influx of new experiences, there are moments where we stumble upon something that triggers a sense of unease within us. These instances of worry may appear insignificant at first, like fleeting moments of anxiety that we can easily dismiss.

Yet, as we navigate through our daily lives, these small worries have the potential to accumulate, like droplets forming a stream, gradually coalescing into a larger body of concern. Unknown to us, this collection of worries can morph into a shadowy presence that begins to take shape within our consciousness. Through our attention and energy, this shadow, borne from our fears and anxieties, gains a semblance of life of its own, growing in strength and influence.

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    David Higginson

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