Eros of Milo from the back at two hands - Limited Edition of 100

by Mario Ubaldino

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Eros is not the pleasure of sex, it is love, which is not the carnal act, but is the spiritual good, here in this work made apparent, Eros an elusive shadow of a desire to tangere the object of one's own good, the platonic that materializes, the idea of ​​love that is realized on the erotic edge with greater volume of feminine flesh. Eros is by the famous ancient sculptor Alexander of Antioch, whose imagination has transported him to the creation of the most iconic sculpture of female perfection, the Venus de Milo, as Michelangelo's David is for the male counterpart. To create such perfection, he fell in love with what he sculpted. What would have happened if his falling in love turned to madness? Greedy hands would have clasped the buttocks of her Venus falling into the provocation of beautiful features and therefore desperate, to ask oneself: "O Goddess, who I made you of stone, why can't I blow you a soul?”

Work exhibited at the Venice Pro Biennale in 2022 from 13 to 17 May, at the Chiosco di San Francesco della Vigna. For those who have not been able to visit the exhibition, here and on Saatchi Art web site's you will find the opportunity to buy this work and “War Photographer”, the other one that accompanied it during the collective exhibition. You can see the video of the critique of the works on display in Venice here on PitturiAmo in the "artist's video" section of my profile or on YouTube by searching for "Critica di Pippo Franco alle opere di Mario Ubaldino con Vittorio Sgarbi" by channel Mario Ubaldino Art. 

Limited edition work numbered and hand signed by the artist. Artwork for sale also on the website of the Saatchi Art.

Printed on Hahnemühle William Turner paper.

White border 5 cm.

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