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Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Faun is a kind, merciful god (from Lat.favere - to be benevolent, hence the names Faustus, Faustulus, Favonius). In the image of the Faun, the ancient Italians revered the good spirit of mountains, meadows, fields, caves, herds, sending fertility to fields, animals and people, a prophetic god, the ancient king Latium and the ancestor of many ancient families, the planter of the original culture. At the same time, along with a single personal deity, they believed in the existence of many homogeneous demons of the same name, in which the attributes of the Faun himself were embodied.

Size: 19.8 x15.8 inches (50 cm x 40 cm)

Type: Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Elmira Sharipova

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Signed by the artist, with Certificate of Authenticity.

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