by Elisa Marianini

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On this canvas life is represented through soft but at the same time joyful colors, precisely because the origin of a new life brings happiness, like the germination of a love. The shape of the square canvas refers to an earthly reality, linked to matter, in fact, this germination that takes consistency develops on the bottom of a fertile soil: fertile of thoughts, actions, will, friendship. This soil, if put to good use, will continue to germinate, transmitting by confidence the trust in a higher harmony able to make eternal and spiritual what is born in the physical material world.

 The symbolic forms refer both to the shells, which indicate the rebirth and allude to the origin of a new life - that to the fans, symbol of the soul. In fact, their shape symbolizes the life that starts from a point, the pivot, and gradually expands as the experience grows and accumulates the experience.

Also the Ginkgo biloba plant can be recalled from these forms. It is the oldest plant on our planet, arrived almost unchanged to this day - as if it were a living fossil - so much so that in Japan it is considered a sacred tree. Another name is "tree of life" for its extraordinary ability to resist any kind of adversity.

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