Lights and Darks

by Patrizia Simonetti

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This work is part of a set of paintings entitled 'Beyond the Night' and realized for a personal exhibition held in Trastevere, Rome, in 2015.

I start from the night and from the black color that spreads over the canvas. However the large white spaces and the intonations of the warm colors give us the impulse and the courage to go beyond the Dark that can sometimes be in our lives.

I use brushes and sponges filled with colors but overlapped on colors that have been previously painted on the canvas. This way, new and old forms get mixed in a continuous and constant transformation.

Black is not the negation of color but the fusion of all colors. Black conveys to us the ideas of emptiness, chaos and dark. It talks to us about the hidden potentials that come with the encounter with the light of White. The artist manages to make emerge from the dark new and rich nuances of colors that are apparently chaotic but actually give the spectator the freedom of imagining and interpreting his work in a completely personal way.

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  1. Ccccccccccc
    Dec 29, 2016, 6:57:37 AM

    Bellissimo, magnifico, opera magistrale!

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Patrizia Simonetti

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