The phoenix's garden

by Davì

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We have two lives: the second begins when we realize we only have one.

The painting aims to be a representation of resilience as an essential quality of life.
The tree, as in my other works, symbolizes life while the girl is none other than the human race confronting the phoenix, a mythological animal which, reborn from its own ashes, focuses the meaning of the work precisely on the need to never fossilize but live the change, like an essential feature of existence, always as an opportunity, a door to new goals.
The end always coincides with a new beginning.

The painting was made in oil on classic canvas, complete with frame. It is a subject to which I am very attached, both for the subject and for the chromatic impact, I would like it to go to a person who can fully appreciate it.

As per my tradition, the work is associated with an aphorism that enhances its meaning, in this case I entrusted myself to Confucius.

It is a unique piece with a certificate of authenticity drawn up by myself.

In the case of shipping, I generally rely on the TNT courier who has always guaranteed an excellent standard of quality.

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