Alessandra - contemporary paintress


 "Art is the language of the soul” 

 I discovered (and keep exploring) the beauty of art while calling Great Britain home for over 2 decades.  

As a proud mother and wife, I find inspiration in the fusion of my Greek roots and the warmth of British culture.

It’s worth mentioning that my both parents born & lived in Corfu island and I had the privilege to spend lengthy summers on that paradise island where the Italian influence in the architecture and even the corfiot accent, is vast! 

Corfu is well known for various artistic styles and I’ve got mine ingrained from my mother.

I create art every day, every moment by simply living life & believing in that higher power I call God (or however else is called).

Furthermore, Art for me, is a medium for self-expression and showcasing what I love to do.

Creating an artwork is a therapeutic journey that speaks directly to my heart, allowing me to share my passion with others.

As an artist, I use the power of AI to create abstract, expressionistic, captivating artworks often spontaneously, influenced by my feelings, emotions, thoughts or desires. Sometimes turns out surprisingly surreal with pop art elements combined! 

It’s truly fascinating to harness the ability to combine words and synthesise them into visual masterpieces.

I find joy in expressing different concepts through the use of language, influenced by street art and inspiring big, vibrant, diverse cities, then perfected by Artificial Intelligence to achieve mastery! (...according to my perception)

By the way, you cannot miss that I’m a massive NYC lover, although you can see other big cities that have inspired my artworks.

I also, totally understand that is not for everyone’s taste and that is absolutely fine by me!

Warm wishes & thanks

for stopping by!


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