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If I have to talk about my work I would start by saying that they are self-taught. I love to paint or better, use colors, powders, and all sorts of material, this is an activity that absorbs me completely in a sense are canceled space and time.

My work is not born from the desire to give form to the reality that I live, but from the need to express the reality that I live; a part of me that tries to express themselves, to communicate to the Other, whoever he is, what he has to say, to mostrare.Una reality of pain, of joy, but also of passions that are part of my life, starting from 'astronomy, to go through the study of the runes and the Celtic world and get to the deep interest in psychoanalysis. For this reason, my painting is born of a project but is the daughter of the moment, of the moment contingent alive. My work is a set of experimentation, discovery and surprise where emerges a few fragments of what I am and ending only when I recognize myself there.

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Associated with the Italian Federation  Artists of Trento - FIDA


Paint Contemporary - Once Time Only 2016 - work selected

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