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"What strikes in the works of Assunta Cassa are the iridescent pixels populated by faces, movements, landscapes of the soul. In her paintings the oxymoron is a light passage, memory flashback and endless leap into time, into places where the contrasts between reds, blacks, purples, theatres and metropolitan suburbia come to life. Everything sustains the lightness of the figures, and the soul is there, under the colours, in its self unveiling our own being. The quick and mobile sight, the soft touch of light in an intense and free research. Overwhelming energy, inexplicable force that goes beyond the painting and the gaze, already becoming a threshold on this side of a dilated horizon." (Rossella Frollà, Writer).

Born in the southern region of Puglia but adopted by “le Marche”, with a MS in economics and trade, Assunta Cassa is characterized by an open and communicative personality that has always drawn her into searching new ways to express her talents. Through time she has worked in various fields until a project in collaboration with the “Piceni Museums” awakens her call to art, discovering her passion. Painting is for her a moment of emotional synthesis and for thinking. She visits art studios discovering her strong sense of colour and shapes. She experiments the figurative and informal art, it's towards figures that she addresses her attention, developing a special combination of shapes and colours, creating her personal perspective of everyday life, making it modern, metropolitan, where the picture, dotted in pixels, seems to be all that counts entrapping the characters. On the other hand, with the spatula, she frees deep shades of colour that create a glimpse of the internal self always searching freedom and harmony.

“ Assunta Cassa's technique – oil painting with spatula, demonstrates capacity and talent as well as giving her artworks body and substance, as in suggesting that instinct and passion come before thinking, in an act of liberation. The energetic chromatic choice, reinforces this message of lively dialogue between the conscious and unconscious, gives energy to the painting, strongly capturing the viewer's attention. This energy pulses passionately, although Assunta chooses to fragment or frame the colour, representing the images in big digital pixels, as in saying: this is my virtual message!” (Maria Franca Fanni, Art Master)

Assunta has started displaying her art in 2011 with her first solo exhibition in San Benedetto del Tronto, followed by other solos in Marche region, as well as Veneto and Tuscany. She has taken part in collective shows in various Italian cities, as Rome, Florence, Ferrara, Piacenza, Lecce, Macerata, Barletta...

In 2014 and 2015 she also took part in foreign exhibitions: in Paris, participating in the 13th Salon Art Fair Shopping Carrousel du Louvre and Bratislava at the Pallfy Palace, and finally in Tokyo at the Minato Mirai Gallery.

Being involved in national and international art contests, she has been award the third prize ex aequo at the 3rd International Contest of Painting Colour and Substance (2016), the special Critics prize for the chromatic research and original technique at the International Biennial Art and Territory in Umbria 2015, she has been nominated by the Japanese visitors at IAT Tokyo 2015 among the first 8 participating artists, and in 2013-2014 she has been rewarded two prizes in the International Contest La Spadarina.

Her works are permantely exhibited at Spazio d'Arte L'Altrove (Ferrara) and periodically at the Art Gallery Serafini Fabrizio (Montesilvano), Picenum Gallery Art Broker (Cingoli), Zero-Uno Gallery (Barletta) and Verdesi Gallery (San Benedetto del Tronto).

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Solo Exhibitions 

  2015 "Soul crossing life" - Centro Pacetti (Centobuchi of Monteprandone - AP)   

2014 "Endless Vibrations" - Restaurant da Rosa (Abbadia di Fiastra)

2013 "Soul's refuses" – Palace Leopoldo (Radda in Chianti)

2012 "Emotions of light" – Caffè degli Artisti (Vicenza)

2011 "Emotions of light" – Punto Einaudi (San Benedetto del Tronto)



  2016 “ART(t)CEVIA 2016” - Arts Festival – Arcevia (AN)  

2016 “ZooArt” Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition – Oriental walk – Ortona (CH)

2016 Otre Beyond Tango – Teanum Wine Fest – Personal Show - Cantine Teanum – San Severo (FG)

2016 Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition “ArteMia – The voice of non seduction – Galleria Fabrizio Serafini – Montesilvano (PE)

2016 “Carpe Diem” Collective exhibition of Painting, Photography and Sculpture – Spazio Viola – Cormano (MI)

2016 3° International Painting Contest Colour and Substance organised by Clik Art Center – Cormano (MI)

2016 Artists Jubelee – Madonna della Marina Cathedral - San Benedetto del Tronto.

2016 “Le Fil Rouge” Philantropic Exhibition with Charity Auction by Omnibus Omnes – Ascoli Piceno.

2015 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Nobody Believes” organized by Anna Soricaro – ZeroUno Gallery – Barletta.

2015 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Art Seasons II Edition” – Presentation edited by Giorgio Grasso – Wikiarte Gallery (Bologna)

2015 Contemporary Art Show “Pesaro Arte 2015” – Alexander Museum Palace (Pesaro)

2015 Italy Art Tokyo – Contemporary Art Biennial Exhibition - Minato Mirai Gallery (Yokohama - Tokyo)

2015 1st Biennal International Art and Territory Exhibition in Umbria (Umbertide - Montone - Pietralunga)

2015 Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition “Italian Art Between Shapes and Colour” – Palffy Palace (Bratislava)

2015 Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition “In a short time” – Galleria ZeroUno (Barletta)

2014 "Salon Art Fair Shopping Carrousel du Louvre" - QueenArtStudio Padua Stand (Paris)

2014 Collective “Body Metamorphosis” – Merlino Art Workshop (Florence)

2014 Collective “Creativity between Art Music and Dance” – Art space L’Altrove (Ferrara)

2014 Contest “La Spadarina” – La Spadarina Gallery (Piacenza)

2014 Collective “4° Ancona Art Salon” – Mole Vanvitelliana (Ancona)

2014 Collective “Sleep, dream and awakening” – Palazzina Azzurra (San Benedetto del Tronto)

2014 Collective “At the same moment”- Galleria Zero-Uno (Barletta)

2014 Anagni and Frosinone Biennial Art Exhibition

2014 Collective "Red" – Art tasting - Cantina S.Isidoro (Civitanova Marche)

2014 Solo show at La Bibliofila bookshop (San Benedetto del Tronto)

2013 Contemporary art exhibition “The Waiting” - Villa Baruchello (Porto Sant'Elpidio)

2013 Artistic and wine trails “Calici d’Arte” - Municipal Palace (Montecosaro)

2013 “XXI Painting and sculpture international contest G. D’Annunzio” . Mu.Mi Museo Michetti (Francavilla al Mare)

2013 Art Show “Chiare fresche et dolci acque” - Art space L'Altrove (Ferrara)

2013 Art collective "Dreams and needs" - Museum Pietraia dei Poeti (Acquaviva Picena)

2013 National contemporary art show “Face’ Arts 2013” – San Sebastiano Church (Lecce)

 “Face’ Arts” –

2013 National contemporary painting contest "Premio Cupra 2013" (Cupra Marittima)

2013 Collective artists “Arteinsieme 2013” Museum Pietraia dei Poeti (Acquaviva Picena)

2013 Collective “Tasty tales” Galleria Calabresi (San Benedetto del Tronto)

2013 Collective “Artecology… the sea” - Forum (San Benedetto del Tronto)

2013 Contemporary art show “La fucina dell’arte” Fonderia Righetti Villa Bruno (San Giorgio a Cremano)

2013 Art, poetry, music and dance show “Eva creativa” Bice Piacentini Palace (San Benedetto del Tronto)

2013 Artistic contest “Faces of love” Antichi Forni Gallery (Macerata)

2013 “Domus Talenti Art Festival” - Domus Talenti Gallery (Roma)

2012 “XX International Art and sculpture contest G. D’Annunzio” - Mu.Mi. Museo Michetti (Francavilla al Mare)

2012 Collective “ Funny Farm Colours” - Palazzina Azzurra (San Benedetto del Tronto)

2012 Collective “Shapes and substance” - Pietraia dei Poeti museum (Acquaviva Picena)

2012 Artists Collective “Arteinsieme 2012” - Museo Pietraia dei Poeti (Acquaviva Picena)



2016 Third prize Ex Aequo - 3° International Painting Contest Colour and Substance organized by the Cultural Art centre Click Art – Cormano (MI)

  2015 Awarded at Italy Art Tokyo by the Japanese visitors  

2015 Honour mention of the panel at Pesaro Arte 2015

2015 Special prize of the panel for the chromatic research and original technique – 1st Biennal Art and Territory in Umbria

2014 Panel's prize “International Contest La Spadarina 2014” (Piacenza)

2013 Technical panel representative prize: Trophy Daniela Arcieri Mastromattei – Municipality of Pescara“ XXI International Painting and Sculpture Contest G. D’Annunzio”

2013 Special mention “International contest La Spadarina 2013” (Piacenza)

2012 Technical panel representative prize: Trophy Concezio Galli mayor of Popoli “XX International Painting and Sculpture Contest G. D’Annunzio”



2016 AR(t)CEVIA 2016 Catalogue

2016 Colour and Substance Catalogue 2016.

2016 Members catalogue IoArte 2016

2016 Catalouge Le Fil Rouge – Art and solidarity event

2015 Picenum Catalogue - Asta n.1

2015 Italy Art Tokyo Catalogue

2015 Biennial International Art and Territory in Umbria Catalogue

2015 Biancoscuro Art Magazine number 8 February - March 2015

2015 Liburni Open Space Art and Culture - Year 4 number 22 - December January 2015

2014 "ExpoArt" Art.Culture and Lifestyle Magazine

2014 Catalogue “La Spadarina”

2014 Duemila Arte interview

2014 Interview

2013 Catalogue "La Fucina dell'arte"

2013 Catalogue "Face'Arts"

2013 Cataloque "La Spadarina"

2013 Catalogue "Sogni e Bisogni"

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