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A symbolist artist, Anne Delaby's painting takes us beyond the threshold, in a world in which the Light transcends the shadows and doubts of our journey down here. His paintings in evocative colors are Journeys or Routes towards freedom and the absolute, stories of trials, of transcendence and of conquests: the search for the Grail. You’re invited to enter his works and be transported to the discovery of hidden figures, elementary or angelic beings that a superficial glance does not perceive, and that seem to reveal itself only to those who open the eyes of the soul, almost reserved for the initiates.

Anne Delaby was born in Lebanon in 1964, of French nationality. Drawing is a necessity from an early age. He followed various drawing schools, but the real encounter with painting took place when she moved to Italy in Milan in 1985, and attended a school of painting with the anthroposophical method and the color theory of Goethe. The encounter with color will determine the orientation of his life: he discovers the moral character, the energy and the secret life, choosing the technique of watercolor that plays on transparencies, and that of oil starting with mystical-esoteric paintings to arrive at a symbolic and strongly expressive painting. Painting becomes almost a remedy for Anne, and in the footsteps of Jodorowsky "The purpose of the Art is to cure: if Art does not heal is not true Art", the old idea of art returns as a bearer of good, as "messenger of the gods ", the Mercury of the doctors, who - to resume Kandinsky -" must drag the heavy chariot of humanity upwards ". Consequently the interest in Art Therapy emerges, the parallel profession: a specialization school begins and graduated in 2001. "The intrinsic power of transformation of art allows us to bring Light into darkness, order into chaos, and find solutions in apparently hopeless situations ". And again: Art is a channel between the spiritual and the physical world, a form of play between chaos and order, between instinctual will and rational thought, the drives and the mind: it can only take place in freedom ... "

Anne enters the "art world" in 1998 with the first solo exhibition in Como and since then her research has evolved from the most mystical pictures born from her inner investigation, to an imaginative vision of the natural elements: Earth, with the series of paintings on the dunes, rocks and barks, almost omnipresent Water, recurring fire in the strong energy charge and the heat that emanates from many of its works, omnipresent Air / Light often in contrast with dense and dark matter. And this imaginative vision also includes man as the harmonic synthesis of the universe, "concentrated on every existing opposite, the supreme summit of creation" (B.Marsano). His path winds through distinct and divided periods also in his website: La cerca (20th century) Elemental life (2000-2005), Alchimie (2006-2011). From the Apocalypse series, The denied man (2010-2013) she says: "My painting is a cry: if man does not come out of the dualistic thought that divides him from life, from nature, and from the divine Essence, the world goes direct in ruins! There is no more time for excuses or stories. This is today's challenge: it must choose between Being and living, or craving and dying. "Pictures witnesses to a debacle, and" dream vision, although at times surprisingly linked to the material to signify the profound anxiety of an era that no longer finds its place "(O.Karasso). Of a humanity without a soul, almost without hope. From 2017 we have the great wagnerian themes of Lohengrin and The Walkyrie…

She lives and works between lakes and mountains near Como (Italy)

His Artworks are in private collections in France, Belgium, Japan, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay, Russia, Australia.

She has been published on FLASHART (apr / magg.1998), ARTE Mondadori (nov.2003),

Italy Orizzonti Magazine (March 2013) ARTRIBUNE (nov.dic 2017) ELDOR magazine (Dec.2017)

ARTOURO nov.2017 FASHION VIP MAGAZINE (march 2018)

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2017 18/12 MILANO Gall.VS Arte “In-Vestire d’Arte”

2017 25/03-09/04 mini personale GENOVA Museo di Palazzo Reale, “Women in Art”

2016 /06/21 VARESE Azimut

2016 07/2015- 06/2016 ASCONA Alain Mésségué SPA Delta Hotel

2015 27-28/06 MILANO Abbazia di Chiaravalle

2015 22/05- 25/06 MILANO Home Gallery Castello 13

2015 6-12/06 BUSTO ARSIZIO (VA) Bazar des Arts

2015 03 COMO Off 105

2013 7/09 – 5/10 MONTALCINO (SI) Fortezza

2013 6-9/06 PARIS Art shopping Louvre

2013 9-27/07 Albavilla (CO) Palazo comunale

2012 12/02 – 1/03 COMO Spazio Nerochina “Eros e Cosmos”

2011 8-12/12 COMO Grand Hotel “Art Expo 2011”

2011 07- 14/03 MILANO Spazio Revel “Alchimie”

2010 16/06 MILANO Centre culturel candide

2009 28/05 LUGANO Mya Lurgo Gallery

2009 24/05 – 7/06 COMO Spazio Momi

2009 4-5/04 LUGANO Origlio Scuola Waldorf

2008 20/11 MILANO Spazio Tadini

2008 08 FRASNES (Belgium)

2008 1-2/03 CANZO Sala mostre

2007 1-2/09 CANZO Biofera

2007 7-22/01 COMO Chiostrino S.Eufemia “ Correspondances”

2007 07 RAMATUELLE (FR) Galerie des Cigales

2006 09/04 ERBA FAI Villa Parravicini

2006 01- 03 MILANO Galleria degli Artisti

2003 18/11 – 5/12 TORINO Galleria Artincontri

2003 23- 25/10 ERBA Castello di pomerio

2002 07 MILANO Forum di Assago

2002 04 MILANO Salone del Mobile

2001 05 ERBA Spazio S.Eufemia “Archeo”

2000 05 ERBA Tetto Fraterno

1999 03 MILANO Novegro Seleart

1998 12 MILANO Galleria Ikos


1998 03 COMO Collegio Gallio “Percezioni”


2018 13-18/02 Salon des indépendants PARIS ART CAPITAL con Tablinum

2017 10-15/11 MADEIRA Artour-O con Ellequadro T.Leopizzi

2017 1-5/11 e 6-12/11 TORINO Paratissima + Math12 con Tablinum

2017 10-25/06 GRAVEDONA Palazzo Gallio con Tablinum

2016 30/06 – 7/07 PARIS Concept store gallery Beaubourg – Active Art

2016 09 Abbiategrasso Castello Visconteo In-flusso “Riso e Rane”

2016 19/05 – 4/06 MILANO Casa delle Ass. Zona1 In-flusso ”Riso e Rane”

2016 7-19/03 MILANO Spazio Presso Porta Nuova In-flusso “Eros”

2015 10 COMO San Pietro in Atrio “Nutri-Menti”

2014 10 Albavilla Sala civica

2014 24/09 – 24/11 PESCARA Galleria Rinascenza contemporanea

2012 15-29/09 TERLIZZI(BA) Galleria Adsum “Linee d’Arte”

2012 31/3- 11/4 PERGINE Valsugana(TN)Spazio Event Art ”Love&Art”

2012 14-30/02 PERGINE Vals.Spazio EventArt “EuropArt”

2011 24/- 6/03 MILANO Galleria Sassetti “Orfeo e Euridice”

2011 16-23/02 TORINO galleria Io Espongo

2010 19-21/10 MILANO Scuola militare Teulié “Uniterd Artists for Animals”

2010 23/05- 7/06 MILANO Galleria Misael

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