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Claudia Dg (marecristallino)

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My art has the intent to transmit emotions ... Sensations .... Those that only a glow, a reflection or a glance can transmit

The paintings shown here will be protected with digital signatures (Copyright © - All Rights Reserved.) All artwork is original and any duplication of images.

If a painting is no longer available you can ask me and I will reproduce it

PS: on the internet I do not write my real surname but the picture will be signed as you prefer, that is with my last name or with the pseudonym Ab (rainbow) as a friend of mine has called me.

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Biologist, I worked as a researcher at the ISS, studying autoimmune diseases. The real passion remains the art, so I love taking pictures, painting, drawing and loving technology, I experiment a lot.

The artistic design was my first passion, then I developed digital art forms, self-taught and in a graphic design studio.

Afterwards I followed a 3D modeling course (maya 6.0), I worked as a retouching photographer (photoshop) for a photographer, and now I'm experimenting about painting, I like to create depending on the moment and the sensations.

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