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I was born in Trieste on 22/01/1971, I live, work and study in my hometown, but with frequent movements in the region, both for professional reasons and my relationships. Since I was a child and then as a teenager, I cultivated my passion for drawing, painting and art & craft, starting from the artistic education of the school and continuing as self-taught, going from tempera colors to oil ones, dedicating myself to portraits, copy from life and still life, I have learnt as self-taught advertising graphics, I went in a nude art drawing class. Graduated in accounting and information technology, I have worked for many years as an import / export agent. I am also graduating in psychology, with an internship in the area of mental distress, I am currently directing myself to the education field for adults and children, with regard to cognitive, evolutionary-relational aspects and creativity (drawing of the children). Among the computer skills I also point out the production of vector images for commercial use (eg logotypes) taking into consideration the principles of user experience of Donald Norman (user-centered design).

I intend to go on for short pictorial cycles or groups of works united by a dominant concept or theme that is declined between them, the orientation is the figurative-conceptual one, the represented form captured by the culture also of the territory in which I live and my biography, transfigured, becomes the source of inspiration for expressing psychological aspects of personal experience and collective feeling, with the intention of establishing an interactive dialogue with the viewer through representations which leave arouse multiple projections and interpretations.
Another aspect that intentionally integrates and enriches perception is the gallery format with the painted border, not as a mere alternative frame, but as a continuation and expressive motif of the represented image that "continues" and does not ideally stop at the canvas space.
In this regard also the form represented in different works seems to "continue" beyond the space of the canvas in order to arouse closeness and interaction between the spectator and the painting.

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Participation at exhibitions:
From 2017,  permanet exhibition of collection  “DISSOLVENZA" c/o BAR DA MINO a Monfalcone (GO) (location)

11-18/11/2017, participation with the artwork  “FADE-OUT (REBIRTH)" oil on canvas 100 x 100 x 3,5 to collective exhibition-event "ALCHIMIE ESOTERICHE AD ARTE" (esoteric alchemy with art), at the gallery "Area Contesa Arte" in Rome, Via Margutta, 90, organized by  cultural association and gallery "ll Trittico Arte" of Rome (curator, art director prof. Sabina Fattibene).

Oil paintings on wrapped canvas,  commissioning  paintings, graphic design (vector graphics for brand, logos, slogan, UX design di Donald Norman, user centered design), interior design ideas.

•    any artwork is accompanied by a  Certificate of Authenticity with a photo of same and my signature
•    you can see my artworks in Trieste, we can fix a date, by my studio apartment,  in case of any doubt or answer, please, do not hesitate to contact me, we can agree a meeting in a more confortable place for you

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