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Nato il 20-06-1970 Vitry sur Seine Francia I began to approach art at the young age of 8 years having innate this gift, starting with pencils, over the years I approached oil on canvas attending the workshop of the painter Marco Iacovella and then Antonio De Marco another painter of my time and friend of Salvator Dalí, over the years I have refined more and more my technique that varies between nature, portraits, landscapes, etc., up to the present day where my way of representing things has changed, bringing my paintings also on the frame, carving and sculpting, making the work unique.

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2018 insertion of his works in the historial archive of the Art of the Academic Center Maison D'art Tiberina Pontifical Padova

2018 entry into the golden register  of the master of today's Academy Center Maison D'Art Tiberina Pontifical Padova 

2018 Exhibition gallery Flyer Art Gallery Roma-Civitavecchia

2018 Exhibition at the LE SORELLE Gallery in Rome via Margutta 90 

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