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I was born in Siena, Italy in 1972 and ever since I was a child the world of colours has always seduced me. However, while I received some awards in  school art competitions , I followed a more focused course of studies on verbal  expressiveness. When I was 25 years old, I graduated cum laude in foreign  languages and literature. My thesis was in Glottology on the evolution of  phoneme f- in the Spanish tongue.    Later, attracted by communication in all its forms, I spent one year abroad  divided between Spain and Belgium and dedicated myself to linguistic research  and the teaching of the Italian language and culture, including the history of art. 

Following on from this, my interest and studies progressed onto international art, in particular, the European artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. I love the  impressionists and expressionists and the brilliant way they break down and  recompose reality. In particular, I love Van Gogh, whom I thank for  reactivating my passion, dormant over the years, for painting and colour.  The spark was struck during a monographic exhibition on the Dutch artist in  which the interpenetration between the images of his visionary paintings and the fragments of the letters to his brother Théo melted me to tears. So I decided to  go back to painting, to continue to get excited, and to excite others. 

I started as a self-taught paintress, but in 2016, feeling stuck, I decided to improve my skills by taking lessons from the master, Maurizio Fulvio Tronconi, of whom I am still a student. 

I have participated in several collective and personal exhibitions, in particular, in my homeland Tuscany. You can find my works in the section "Curriculum". 

For me art is emotion and, therefore, what I paint is inevitably connected to my personality and to my temporary state of mind. The external environment is  filtered by my sensitivity and often, it is the emotion of the moment which  determines the choice of colours and the gestures with which I use brushes and  spatulas. I can’t and I don’t want to create a painting without coming down to myself and  

connecting with my emotional centre of gravity. I dare say, that the final picture represents, in this sense, the door of my soul. I affectionately call my works "my girls" because that’s how I experience them.  They give me joy, pain, frustration or anger and I pour my love and  commitment on them to make them as best as possible.​ For one who hangs my paintings on their wall, it does not open his/her house to  a simple object but is the result of an emotional and sentimental journey. All the  paintings are unique pieces; there are no copies or reproductions. That said, it is also understandable that the heterogeneity of my artistic  production and the difference of style between one painting and another is not a  lack of pictorial coherence, but the need to give voice to different parts of me.  This leads me to express myself with soft and luminous colours with light and delicate shades of colour, with spatulas loaded with matter that make the  

painting intense. Overall, my representations lose their concreteness and relevance to reality,  transfiguring themselves into dream like atmospheres that contain only the  essence of what they were. Everything starts from a suggestion originating from a real vision reworked without any logical process or mental superstructure  overlapping. The choice of materials is also varied and falls mainly on oil and  acrylic, sometimes embellished by the insertion of gold or silver leaves, paper or plaster. 

If you want to learn more about what I have written or you or have any curiosity or questions to ask contact me at: 

Cell: 339/3078917

Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elenabindi.artista

The shipment in Italy is done free of charge through the Italian post office. The work is placed in a box of plastic millebolle with a layer of polystyrene. Payment to be made by bank transfer before sending unless otherwise agreed. I care about your satisfaction and please feel at ease if once you receive the  work you do not feel completely satisfied with your purchase. You can return it  within 14 days (in this case the shipping costs will be at your expense), and  once I receive the painting and verified its integrity, I will refund the amount  paid, less the postage and packaging costs incurred.​ 

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I took part in the following exhibitions:

• Exhibition of collective art “Gruppo Dinamo”, Villa Pecori Giraldi, Florence, Italy, February 2016. 

• Personal art exhibition, headquarters of Banco di Lucca and Tirreno, Florence, May 2016/17

• Group art exhibition “The seven elements”, Florence, Italy, August 2016.

• Group art exhibition “Dependences”, Villa Pecori Giraldi, Florence, September 2016

• Personal art exhibition "Under the Tuscan Stars”, Castle of Casole d'Elsa, Sienne, June 2017

• Group art exhibition, Abbey of Vallombrosa,  Florence, August 2017.

• Exhibition of collective art “Together”, Villa Pecori Giraldi, Florence, October 2017. 

• Exhibition of collective art “Revolution”, Villa Pecori Giraldi, Florence, December 2017.

• Biennial art exhibition “In-liberty and the freedom of detachment”, Villa Pecori Giraldi,  Florence, May/ Juin 2018.

• Painting installation in the piece of theatre "My friend the dog",  Florence, March 2019.

  • Exhibition of collective art “2019 a. C”, Villa Pecori Giraldi, Florence, December 2019.

I published in these books:

• Publication in "Paths of Art, artistic evolution and new trends", Asba editions, May 2019. Inclusion of my biography and 10 works. 

• Publication in "Paths of Art, the evolution of art and its meaning through the centuries", Asba editions, October 2019. Inclusion of my biography and 8 works.

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