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Eleonora Belelli, self-taught painter, was born in 1984, she loves drawing and painting since she was a child and began at the age of six by designing clothes. From the imaginative and original sketches will then go to the creation of abstract works that allow her to express wishes, dreams and emotions. 

After a long pause, he re-embraced art and painting, creating works that assemble themes of magic, spreading the analysis to spirituality, to the world of tarot and dreams, bringing back to life a distant culture. To honor his memory he reports on canvas the Divinity of the past and introspective paths born of a profound inner work, bringing back the result of his meditations and visualizations on canvas.

All works are the result of improvisation, of the dream of those born free, the expression of this freedom is reflected in every work, freedom of expression, freedom in design, freedom in the creation of Divinity, Angels, Demons, Souls and mysterious mysteries that they guide the hands of the Artist in order to create a new, unique and original work. 

All the works are unique pieces, made freehand on canvas and can be an original piece of furniture.

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from 27 May to 20 June 2017 


COLLECTIVE "Perfume and Art" 

Civitanova Marche 

from 2 August to 2 September 2017 


"Pure White" COLLECTIVE 


from 15 to 21 July 2018 


COLLECTIVE "Middle Ages in Color" - La Margutta XXII edition 

Officina delle Arti - Corridonia 

from 25 August  to 9 September 2018

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