Elisa Marianini was born in Florence in 1967.

Daughter of art, specialized in reproduction techniques of ancient paintings. Performs portraits, decorations, paintings, trompe l'oeil, restorations.

His contemporary works link the figurative to the abstract and are rich in symbolic and allegorical meanings dear to the art of the Renaissance, recovering and proposing a "New Humanism".

Graduated in History and Protection of Artistic Heritage and in History of Art, she provides advice in the artistic field, releasing expertises, in addition to teaching activities of Art History Courses and Painting Courses for various levels.

He has held personal and collective exhibitions. His works appear in private collections in New York, Jupiter, Paris, Lausanne, Oslo, Brescia, Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, Turin. Permanent exhibition of his work in his laboratories.

Art workshop and restoration:

Via del Porcellana, 39 / r 50123 Florence 055-219250

Artistic study:

Traversa del Mugello SP 551, Via Provinciale 14h, Località La Torre, 50038 Scarperia, (FI)

Elisa Marianini

[email protected]

+39 339 2933799

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