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Born in Trentola Ducenta (CE) in 1953, Elisabetta Russo realizes with various techniques and on various topics mostly abstract and informal compositions. Neapolitan by birth, for several years she moved to Sicily, where she exercises his art as a painterwithexcellent professional successes, obtaining prizes and awards from the most qualified critics.

His personal research starts from color, as a predominant element, to move then on to the material as a deepening of an unexplored aspect of the medium of expression.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Restoration "Abadir" of Catania and attended several courses of the "International Academy of Graphics of Venice". At the beginning of her exhibition she has participated in important expo and exhibitions of contemporary and international art with the collaboration of the Catania Federiciana Academy. She then continued her journey with the support of the Gallery "Signature of Author" of Giarre and finally she made personal and collective exhibitions through the Katàne Association of Catania, where some works are now on permanent exhibition. Her works are also in private collections. She is also present in several yearbooks and art dictionaries. It has been quoted and reported by regional newspapers and magazines: "Prospettive", "Centonove", "ll Gazzettino", "Il corriere del sud", "Giornale di Sicilia", "Sicilia sera", "La Sicilia", "Vivere" "," I Vespri ". In 2006 she made illustrations for the poetic collection "The front of the words" by Francesca Musumeci (Kritios Editions, Catania). Among others, art critics have written about her: Michele Palminteri, Fortunato Orazio Signorello, Massimo Catalano, Mario Meozzi and Alfredo Pasolino. She has been a member of the Accademia Federiciana (Catania) and is listed in the Archives of Visual Arts of the same institution. In 2010 some works were published in the Monograph "Elisabetta Russo - Between abstractionism and informal" by Fortunato Orazio Signorello ed. Kritios, filed at OPAC SBN (central institute for the single catalog of Italian libraries and for bibliographic information)

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"From sign to sign".Exhibition of art curated by Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Stylisticcontamination".Exhibition of art curated by Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"StesicoroPrize" .Teatro Valemmo (Catania).

"Arte Oggi" - Fair-exhibition market, Fiere di Venturina (Livorno).

"Journeythrough the streets of art"collectiveat the UnifiedCircle of Presidio Catania, by the Ass. Akkuaria of Catania


"Art in Sicily, betweentradition and innovation". Art exhibition Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Imagine". IV Exhibition of contemporary art (Reggio Emilia).

"PreorderedDeclinations". Art exhibition Accademia Federiciana (Catania).


"Art in Italy, from hyperrealism to informal".collective art exhibition, Federiciana Academy (Catania).

"New contemporary art".collectiveArt exhibition, Palazzina Vignali (Mantova)

"Art in the Fair". collective art exhibitionExpo (Cremona).

"Praise of the conception".personalexhibition, Accademia Federiciana (Catania)

"Art in Italy, from hyperrealism to informal". CollectiveArt exhibition Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Distinctivestyles".CollectiveExhibition of art curated by Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"VISARTE"collectiveorganized by the Abadir Academy of Sant'Agata Li Battiati, in the Municipality of Sant'Agata Li battiati


"Expressivepossibilities". CollectiveArt exhibition Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Creative processes". Personal exhibition in the field of "Art of memory", Federiciana Academy (Catania).

"Points of view: Artists and stylescompared". CollectiveArt exhibition Accademia Federiciana, (Catania).

"Inart"collectiveorganized by the Abadir Academy of Sant'Agata Li Battiati, in the Municipality of Sant'Agata Li battiati


"Colors and emotions - Contemporary art on display".Collectiveexhibitioncurated by Lidia Silanos,

Galleria Artelier (Milan).

"Incoerciblelanguages". VIII Visual Art Exhibition, Federiciana Academy (Catania).

"Paths of art".Review of visual art Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Ok art, abstractionistscompared", a groupexhibition of 6 artistspromoted for "Ok Arte in Lugano",

 C @ nyon Art G @ llery of Manno (Lugano).

"Interpretations of the contemporary". Art exhibition Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Live Agrigento Arte", Palacongressi (Agrigento).

"The art and the sciences of the Earth", Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"Contemporanea", collectiveExhibition of Modern Art - 9th Modern Art Exhibition - Forlì Fiera,Exhibition Center (Forlì), curated by Francesco Gallo.

“Triennial of contemporary art.”Curated by F. O. Signorello, "Le Ciminiere" Cultural Center (Catania).

"Contemporaryconnotations". Vizzini (Catania), Museo Immaginario Verghiano - Palazzo Costa.


"Vernice art fair", Forlì Fiera, Exhibition Center (Forlì), curated by Francesco Gallo.

"Extension".Contemporary art exhibition, Prometeo Cultural Center (Palermo).

"Stylisticcomparisons".Contemporary art exhibitionorganized by the Catania Federiciana Academy

 for "Museum Night": eventpromoted under the aegis of the Council of Europe by the Management

of the Paris museums in collaboration with the French Ministry of culture and communications;edited by F. O. Signorello.

"Languages of mediation".Contemporary art exhibition, Federiciana Academy (Catania).

"Plurality of styles".Contemporary art exhibition, Federiciana Academy (Catania).

Illustrationsin "heart of butterfly" and "Il fronte delle parole"Collana Percorsi Ed. Kritios


"Arte Parma 2007". 4th edition (Parma).

"Artery". IV Feria de arte contemporàneo (Monzón, Huesca, Spain).

"Tweens".Contemporary art exhibitionorganized by the Catania Federiciana Academy

 under the patronage of Kritios Edizioni, for "The Night of the Museums" by F. O. Signorello.

"Vitalisticlanguages".Contemporary art exhibition, Federiciana Academy (Catania)

"Arts x World". Itinerantexhibitionatmuseums and institutions (Naples, Benevento, Rome, Telese Terme).

"ExposicaoColectiva de Pintura de artistasItalianos". Art exhibitionpromoted under

 Artexspress, GaleriaGeraldes da Silva (Oporto, Portugal).

"Exposicióninternacional d'artsplàstiques". Expo for "Artexpress" in the context of the II Encuentrointernacionales de arte contemporanea, PalacioMorellón (Madrid, Spain).

"Segnali del tempo" - Agrigento art, III edition, Palacongressi (Agrigento).

"Contemporary". 11th Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Forlì Fiera, Exhibition Center (Forlì).

"Chromaticvisions". Contemporaryart collectiveexhibition. Accademia Federiciana (Catania).


"Italianreview of visual art."Edited by Fortunato Orazio Signorello, Cultural Center

"Le Ciminiere" (Catania).

"Autonomousroutes"Contemporary art exhibition. Accademia Federiciana (Catania).

"A lightedcolorist on the path of informalabstract" Personal exhibition by the Art Gallery

"Signature of author" under the patronage of the municipality of Giarre, Exhibition hall

"FedericianExhibition-Event"organized by a.c. Cavalieri di Federico Second Castle of Nelson (Bronte)

"To tell stories of contemporary art in the places of Pirandello" Personal exhibition by care

of the "Erato" Study Center in Agrigento. Birthplace of Luigi Pirandello, Contrada "Caos" Agrigento

"Segnali del Tempo" Agrigento art - International exhibition of contemporary art 4th edition

Palacongressi (Agrigento)

"Vernissage d'arte" Art Gallery "Signature of Author" Giarre


"Labels art"competitionorganized by the "Gust'Arte" association Galatone-lecce,Hothel Esedra Rome 7 February


"SiciliArte"internationalexhibition of modern and contemporary art. Exhibition center at

 Etnapolis Belpasso 23/27 March


"Artist itineraries" at the Katàne-Catania gallery

"Fifth art festival" collective, organized by the Fortunato Calieri museum friends association

"Year-end art meetings in the area of collective painting and graphics” at the Katàne-Catania gallery


          "Art and poetry" tribute to the woman, collective, at the Katàne-Catania gallery

          "the sea"collective, at the Katàne-Catania gallery

         " Art atinterview"at the Katàne-Catania gallery

          "Collectiveyear-end meetings" at the Katàne-Catania gallery


"feminineuniverse"collectiveat the Katàne-Catania gallery

        “ The light of the sacred" collective, at the Katàne-Catania gallery


 "Betweensurreal and informal" bipersonal, at the Katàne-Catania gallery

        "Collective Carnival in Art",at the Katàne-Catania gallery

        "From the nature to the palette” collective, at the Katàne-Catania gallery


         "Primaverarte"collective, at the Katàne-Catania gallery

          "Collective Carnival in Art", at the Katàne-Catania gallery

         "Femalecreativity in the landscapes", collectiveatthe Katàne-Catania gallery

         "Landscapes" collective, at Vecchia Cantina di Viagrande, by the Katàne-Catania gallery

 "Between figurative and abstract"personal exhibitionat the Auditorium of the municipalityof San Gregorio –Catania

"Cromie d'autunno"contemporary art exhibitionat the Katànegallery-Catania

             "Arte sotto l'albero"contemporary art exhibitionat the Katànegallery-Catania


"Primaverarte 2017"collective, at the Katànegallery-Catania

               "Carnevale inArte 2017"collective, at the Katànegallery-Catania

               "Il mare"collective, at the Katànegallery-Catania

               "Cromie d'autunno 2017"contemporary art exhibitionat the Katànegallery-Catania

               "International Angels of Light Prize in Art" Cimini Park, Soriano del Cimino, 28 October

               "Arte sotto l'albero 2017"contemporary art exhibitionat the Katànegallery-Catania

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