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An exhilarating creativity, as joyful as the music of life, painter Esther Carducci's, born in Isernia and resident in Cassino where she dedicates her free time to painting flowers that only live in her pictoric and poethic world.

She plays with colors with a surprising mastery, creating petals of a material and sensual brightness, using mellow colors, pearlescent of copper, as golden as Sun powder.

The Esther flowers are flowers never once before seen, proud in their compositions, non-existent yet tangible in their chromatic phantasmagoria; to caress, to want to inhale the scent that you can imagine being dense, sensual and overwhelming.

Esther's talent is an undeniable gift but becomes valuable only whilst flowing from her hands, from the head through the soul.

There is no torment in her works: Only a will to convey, in an harmonious game as chromatic melody, charm wagered by the fantastic, the energy of creativity.

The paintings of Esther, delicate and precious, are flowers to caress, to be enjoyed not with eyes, but through the heart. Something to bring in as memories of light, in the dark moments, such as tenderness dreams, and the joyous promise of life: They reach the soul, submerging and refreshing it.

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