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I started painting at a young age, I am self-taught, I trained by reading numerous texts on the various painting techniques. My drawing professor was the late Elio Morri, esteemed and appreciated sculptor and painter, who donated remarkable works to the city of Rimini, such as "The Monument to the Resistance" of the Cervi Park. I made various tempera, charcoal paintings and I also made several acrylic murals, but what I love most is working with oil colors. Initially I painted pictures of landscapes inspired by Roma Sparita and then slowly moved on to fake authors, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Raffaello, Velazquèz and others. I live and work in Rimini. My work is done exclusively by hand, for my copyright copies I try to get as close as possible to the originals, studying and documenting myself on the technique of the artists I am going to represent, trying to interpret their state as much as possible beyond the technique mood. During my life I have visited many museums and many exhibitions of these great artists who have followed one another over time. For me, painting is being free, it is living in a world full of colors.

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I participated in group exhibitions, in Rimini in 1984 at the "La Cornice" Gallery with two other fellow painters and in 1986 a collective sponsored by the Municipality of Rimini in favor of Caritas, which was also attended by the Grand Master Fellini, a beautiful and rewarding experience where I was also given a certificate of recognition.

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The washerwoman

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