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Indulge in the universe of HEL MORT®, the Digital-Punk virtuoso reshaping the artistic landscape. Witness the fusion of heritage and invention as he engineers mesmerizing creations that defy convention and ensnare the imagination. HEL MORT® channels unyielding commitment into crafting artistic frontiers, weaving a tapestry where symbolism intertwines with surrealism, delivering a symphony of innovation that resonates with the essence of distinction.

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I'm a digital punk, a rebel artist unafraid to challenge the norms and push the boundaries of creativity. With a digital canvas and an algorithmic palette, I seek out unconventional ideas that capture the wild strength of human desires and the hidden parts of our unconscious mind. My work often features powerful women who embody these forces, expressing wisdom, intelligence, creativity, and ferocious warfare, much like the goddess Athena. Through my art, I strive to bring these powerful forces to life, capturing their essence in every stroke and pixel. It's like playing with fire, and sometimes, I get burnt. I'm constantly experimenting with new mediums and techniques because exploring is my first duty as an artist. I'm always pushing myself to explore new frontiers and challenge the status quo. Whether I'm working with paint, pixels, or any other medium, my dedication to my craft is unwavering, and I'm always refining my skills to create a diverse and awe-inspiring body of work. My art reflects a deeper level of meaning, surrealism, and symbolism that is both captivating and engaging, and my unique style and perspective as an artist make me an exciting and innovative force in the art world. My fusion of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology results in striking pieces that captivate the viewer and leave a lasting impression. I'm exploring the uncharted territories of the art world, and I'm excited to share my art with art collectors, enthusiasts, and galleries around the world.

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