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Born in 1981, lived in northern Italy until adolescence then moved to Sicily in the province of Catania.

Attracted by art, psychology, esotericism, the beauty of life but even more by the message in it sometimes encrypted, hidden, unconscious, so I pour this vision into my works that sometimes arise from a long study of composition, to sometimes instead by the impulse as if I were guided by an image already painted in my soul, perhaps captured by a collective subconscious that unites us all.

In my conception the work is always a communication with the viewer who must enjoy the immediate beauty but also linger, hold back, know how to deepen, find its subliminal meaning, of that image full of connections between each element, a work that has poured in his life to shake him like an enlightenment in which everyone is different.

That representation on canvas thus becomes an allegory of a vision of existence as if it were a personal business card to be handed to oneself.

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