Presentation of the artist: Maria Antonella Provaggi born in Liguria (Loano) in 1959. He spent the first years in Apulia and continued his studies in Rome for 23 years. until the medical degree (Rome), after specializations in Genoa and in Rome, he comes back to life and to work in the Liguria coast, now in Boissano. Carries the passion for the image from the microscope to the photograph which then turns into love for drawing and painting. "His sensitivity captures the profound aspects of life and work everyday. The artist deeply loves the sea and its land and transmits everything in his work, interesting work in which nature and man are caught in an atmosphere of suspension and mystery. In his works transpire the memories, dreams, moods and emotions of his experience. It 'eclectic, passionate about gardening, gourmet, sings, paints, writes poetry, is voluntary "(Elvira Leiten - Norwegian painter and art critic. Boissano, July 19, 2010) The techniques ranging from oil, acrylic, from water color to blood from the knife, the brush, the collage. Participates in various exhibitions (Liguria, Veneto and Tuscany), he won the "originality" in Toirano in 2008 and in Pietra Ligure in 2014. He organized solo exhibitions in Liguria and Germany. His paintings not only in Savona area, are also in Genoa, Latin, Milan, Novara, Rome, Salerno, Turin, Offenburg (D) . Posted by Art Publisher in Effect "Masters" selection of contemporary art 2016. He received the premio Internazionale Milan April 21, 2016 Art Tiepolo to "the relevant artistic engagement. He received the award and published D.O. C Artists to invest in 2016 by Paolo Levi "for its remarkable creative gifts" and participated in the first international trophy ART EMPIRE July 2016 Paris Vienna Rome by Paolo Levi "for the dedication she has put in a valid style " E.A. Editore Palermo.

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