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Marielle Orsini

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Freelance professional, in the last five years she has dedicated herself to works closely linked to the emotional experience, permeated by impulses that the socio-cultural context transmits to her. The works are "created" on the raw canvas, without any preparation, except sometimes the use of pre-printed canvases felt as their own on which to act.

The chromaticity tries to convey to the observer the profound communion with the problems that the lived experience current forces us to perceive deeply.

The square format , beloved by the artist, and ' perhaps the attempt to bring everything to a reassuring symmetry

The recycling technique, often used, in addition to attention to the environment, refers to a feeling of "not abandoning things" that is its own.

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She participated in ARTE GENOVA 2018 with a dozen works and in the Mediolanum prize with the work "Libertè Brutalitè '", created immediately following the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, in Biancoscuro Hart Contest 2018 (Migrantes) and 2020 ( 2020 Kill Covid), Biancoscuro Winter Edition 2019 (The look-Un certain regard), at the Virtual Gallery solidale (1- The mind, 2-Reve de paix, 3- Reve de France, 4- Geometry, 5-Lumieres dans l ' obscurite ', at the Raffaello Sanzio International Award and at the 15th International Arte Laguna Prize.

She has obtained a report of merit at the BAC 2020 for the 2020 Kill Covid work .

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