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"We don't see things as they are but as we are." And I'm a curious spirit.

 I am curious about everything I don't know and in my life I always look for fresh air and change.

 Artistically I am a rough stone. They called me a rock artist and I really like being. I paint in watercolors, I often use coffee, I illustrate with Indian ink and I create Danshari, tables that transmit positive energy with their bright colors and many lines and symbols. I enjoy playing with techniques, mixing them and experimenting with new shapes and colors.

 Since childhood, I have also enjoyed writing poetry and short stories.

 My reality is incredibly deformable.

 This allows me to explore with the imagination, to express myself with the imagination, out of the box and lose control. In an absolutely fluid and unruly way.

 To anyone who observes one of my works, I leave the free interpretation, in one's own intimate judgment and with the only parameter of one's imagination.
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Some exibition:

- September 2016 at the De Falconibus Castle in Pulsano (TA): National review of contemporary art "The meaning of life" with the Calici di vita award;

 - January 2017 at Palazzo Barion Santamato (TA): National exhibition of contemporary art "Taras for art";

 - September 2017 at the Sovereign Trullo of Alberobello (BA): National review of contemporary art Carte d'Autore with Frida Kahlo award;

- April 2020: Passepartout Gallery (Pero-Mi) international art exhibition "Arte et Virtus"

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