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Giacomo Migliardi (alias Mino Migliardi), was born in Naples March 20, 1956, from Giuseppe and Maria Di Maio. From an early age, it expressed a great interest in drawing, immediately revealing his innate artistic talent with his first "cowboy" drawn on the back of a business card of his father, at the age of four. In '69, at the age of thirteen, he is enrolled in a "drawing competition" for children (organized by "Magazzini Standa"), but then refusing to send his "work" (a drawing about “The Moon Landing”) who prefer to keep for himself.

Subsequently, from elementary school to middle school, clearly demonstrates his ability to draw everything that surrounds him and that which his creativity suggests, but clearly prefers the "portrait", churning out secretly caricatures and portraits of his teachers during the lesson hours. Encouraged from his drawing teacher, Anna Ferrigno, then enrolled at the Art Institute of Torre del Greco (Naples) where he passionately attends to classes of Painting, Sculpture and goldsmith's , but still prefer “Disegno dal Vero”, refining and learns to perform various techniques.

It takes part in a first National Exhibition called by ''International Academy Minerva", where he presented two works, respectively, for the section of Drawing and Painting. Achieves a third place with his work "religiosity", a drawing done with a simple ballpoint black pen. Is defined on “Mattino” di Napoli (a local Magazine) by journalist Della Penna, as a young prodigy for having worthily faced the works of other competitors (famous artists) like Bove and others. Got a great success by the Jury chaired by Prof. Andrea De Felice and he is then invited by the Secretary of the jury (Prof. Gianni Moscovicci) in many other art exhibitions, but promptly deserted, regretted the disappointment of not winning first place at his first exhibition; first place that was unofficially revealed as so decided by a unanimous jury, which then decided instead to reward other artists more for their age and "social position", rather than a young budding artist like me and totally unknown, although more worthy.

Abandons pencils and brushes for a long time, devoting himself to his other passion, one for music and so begins to devote his time almost exclusively to singing and to guitar playing. But, passion for Art, continues to burn in his heart like an ember that cannot be turned off ... resumes timidly to draw portraits, at every opportunity ... and then, later, overwhelmed with emotion during a visit to the Museum of Capodimonte, grab a flight time "liberating" and buy everything that is necessary to test himself this time with something he had not yet tasted yet: a hidden desire in his soul ... that is, the oil painting.

It produces frantically copies of famous paintings by deepening the techniques used in the '500, alternating same time, however, the experimental research of new techniques with the “disegno”. Eventually finds a compromise between “Music” and “Fine Art” and let no more prevail one over another, in the certainty that there is no longer just reward jury that full of self-esteem and genuine praise you openly that I appreciated for what they are and not for what I do and not for what I represent.


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Mino Migliardi

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