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My name is Pasquale Perrotti. I was born in Naples and I have been living in Padova, Italy, since 2012. I have been always interested in figurative arts and oil paintings. My artistic activity has been stopped by actual work for many years. However I have started my artistic hobby again by oil painting and watercolor. Please also visit and .  E-mail: [email protected] .

I have a self-taught artistic preparation. However I had some periodic training steps with professional painters artists for improving of pencil, charcoal, watercolor and oil painting technique.

In 2019 I joined the artistic group “Acquarellisti Felici” which is active in spreading watercolor technique in Maserà di Padova under the teacher Marisa Vendramin.

My main artistic interest is figurative. I have always been fascinated by studying the works of Edward Hopper (1882-1967). My personal creative contribution with approximation tries to represent reality. Through a bright and lively expressive modality, I try to discover every pleasant sensation coming from appreciating a landscape, nature and memories, that I can associate in. Even if my subjects are always linked to reality, I try not to faithfully copy reality. By selecting the subjects with care, I paint trying to associate an imaginary reconstruction in which observation, light and memories contribute. Through a reworking process, preparatory ideas are fixed by pencils on the notebook before, then in watercolor and oil painting I let myself be passionate about landscapes, natural subjects, pets and everyday scenes, looking for a synthesis between photographic and live inspirations when possible, and personal sensations

The works are always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

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Recent artistic participations:

- “Acquerelli in Libertà” Price, June, 2nd 2019, by “Circolo Veneto”, Mestre, under the patronage of Veneto Region Institution and Metropolitan City of Venice

- “I colori dell’acqua”, First collective art exhibition, June 2019, from 14 to 29, by the artistic group “Acquarellisti Felici”, with the teacher Marisa Vendramin, at Municipal Library of Maserà di Padova, under the patronage of Municipality of Maserà di Padova.

- Worthy Participation in “2019 Mestre Painting Price” by “Circolo Veneto” and “Musei Civici” Foundation of Venice , under the patronage of Veneto Region Institution and the artistic presidency of Professor Philippe Daverio. 

-Web exhibition of the work “Let's save the bees” in "Arca di Noe'"online Call for Artists by “Exfabbricadellebambole”, House Gallery, Milan, 4.26.2020 , links: and

- Web exhibition of latest watercolor works in "io osservo" Second virtual collective exhibition, 2020, by "Acquarellisti Felici" artistic group, in collaboration with the Municipality of Maserà di Padova, Italy.Please visit: 

- Participation with the watercolor work "Specola, Padova " at "Primo concorso, Angoli di Padova", collective exhibition by "Oltre Lingua , Italian School for Foreigners", , under the patronage of Municipality of  Padua, Italy, from 06.08.2020 to 06.20.2020.  

-- Participation in “2020 Mestre Painting Price” by “Circolo Veneto” and “Musei Civici” Foundation of Venice, under the patronage of Veneto Region Institution.  

- Participation in"Carpe Diem- Cogli l'Attimo 2022" Painting Price by "Althedame" Cultural Association, Este (PD),   . 

E-mail to contact the painter and for any bargaining: [email protected] 

Please visit:   

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