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Biolchi Renzo was born in Cantu '(CO) on 1 April 45, after compulsory school, at the age of 10, due to the premature death of his father and therefore to financially support the family, he was forced to leave their studies and immediately enter the world of work; he works at a shop of alimentary genders in quality of garzone and consignee to home of the products. At the age of 15 a serious accident (he is hit by a car while delivering the goods) marks a turning point in his life; confined to bed for several months immobilized by a cast of the bust and limbs, he loses his job; a benefactor decides to help him and allows him to attend the local art school; here he learns to master the tools of the painting technique; five years later, thanks to his commitment as a self-taught, he began his career as an advertising graphic designer first and later as a furniture designer. In that period of his life, in the spare time that his work grants him, he continues to cultivate his passion for the art of painting and to create various works, which he almost always gives to friends and acquaintances. For several years, following the illness and the disappearance of his beloved wife, and the victim of a strong prostration, he suspended any kind of creative activity, isolating himself from the social context. 2019 marks a second turning point in his life, because he manages to find the strength to get out of the trap of the depression into which he had fallen, deciding to dedicate himself again, with renewed passion and enthusiasm, to representing his ideas on canvas, the same ones that he had also expressed in written form years earlier through the publication of a book, the title of which has also become the leitmotif of his paintings: "THE UNIVERSE IS ONE SOUL" (available on the AMAZON website,for now only in Italian).

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