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Roberto Miglietta was born in Genoa on 29 March 1964.

Since his childhood he attended his uncle's workshop, a person he loved very much, who, out of passion, taught him the technique of furniture restoration, drawing and making inlays and hard stone orders.

He specialised in the field of "Fake art", making copies of Caravaggio's works.

He learns and studies the painting technique of his cousin Graziano Miglietta, a famous painter from Salento.

He prepares the colours and canvases himself using ancient techniques that are a family secret.

He continues to study through texts and treatises on painting, and ancient procedures to continue to perform works as faithful as possible and equal to the originals.

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An art forgery is a work of art that mirrors the original in every way, both in terms of measurements and the materials and processes used to create it. I construct the canvases and prepare the support as it was done in the period when the work was painted. The colours are prepared by me using ancient techniques handed down by my family and the study of the processes to which the work refers. Photographs cannot convey the myriad of emotions one can feel when admiring a painting executed with these techniques.  These works stop time and catapult you into a past of important commissions, carried out by true artists who have left us a unique historical and artistic inheritance  .

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