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I was born in Italy, and drawing was crucial during my childhood. Ever since then, I have perceived the need to use colours in ways that most deviate from reality. Drawing represented my strength, but at the same time, my refuge guards the person I still try to understand today. Later I chose Science, becoming a biologist, and now a PhD student in Neuroscience. These choices come from the curiosity of understanding and communicating what is still unknown. During my PhD, the need to perceive differently, inside and outside my space, becomes more strongly through painting, where colours are the most faithful forms of representing the perception of our feelings and, therefore, what connects us to life. The idea behind my art is to let the colours be the protagonists of the paintings, allowing us to paint what we feel. I think our perception in observing the artworks is the part most intimately connected to our soul at that moment and perhaps makes us feel more human and connected to ourselves and others if understood.

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