Call for Artists :: New Magic Sinis' Menhir
Sep 09
Termina il Sep 11, 2020  Evento caricato da G&co. Oristano, Sardegna - Italia

Call for Artists :: New Magic Sinis' Menhir

Lungomare Sa Punt’é S’Incudine, 1 Oristano, Sardegna - Italia

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Aimed at all sculptors, we offer the opportunity to define and interpret what the Menhirs have been and what they will be throughout Sardinian history. A contemplation on sandstone lasting ... index an international competition of sculptural art for the realization of monolithic sandstone sculptures to be placed in a widespread and recurrent manner within the naturalistic area surrounding the Ginepro & Co. and in the spaces considered most suitable for the case of all the Municipalities that have decided to join the initiative.

The aim of the competition is the creation of 10 sandstone statues (or other rock if preferred and if requested in advance depending on availability) to create a dynamic memory, of continuous coexistence, a sort of symbol of the Aquila brotherhood that allow our future descendants to continue in a sense to experience the nature, the sea and the countryside of the Sinis Peninsula - Sardinia.

The competition is open to artists specialized in sculptural art, Italian and international, and does not foresee limits of age, gender or other social qualification. Contact us from here to participate.

The call expires on July 20, 2020 and the selected artists will be contacted during the next 2 or three days for the coordination and organization of the event.