Madonna and Child with two angels - detail

by Elena Bartolini

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The proposed painting is dedicated to Lucrezia Buti who, according to the biography, was the wife of Filippo Lippi (Florence circa 1406 - Spoleto 1469) and is thought to have been portrayed by him in this work that inspired Botticelli and many other Italian Renaissance artists.

Made entirely by me with the technique of the period through powder pigments, egg, animal glue, cotton fabric, solid wood composed of multiple cuts joined together, 7 very smooth layers of plaster for gilders, wine, walnut oil. The minute pigment grains that may be visible under certain light conditions are important witnesses of the fat tempera technique. 

The cost is not adequate to the long work, to the difficulty required by a technique that only masters can afford, to the result obtained but I would like my painting could still "come out" and go into the hands of those who really appreciate it, you will rarely find it of best quality and with these materials, you can easily verify it. 

The beauty of the face is extraordinarily rendered by the artist through the very thin hatching that I tried to reproduce carefully, favoring the softness of the tones and its sweet brightness, but which unfortunately is not clearly visible in the photo. 

Considerable time has required the search for reliable but obviously inexact images with respect to the live view of the work. This aspect is common to anyone who does fake copyright and the only way to overcome the problem is to receive a client who takes care of travel and various expenses ... and this is not enough because nobody is Filippo Lippi. However, we can get very close, but then we must be willing to spend the same. 

On the other hand, if the work is done by a true artist, who does not make commercial copies, you can have an authentic painting of excellent workmanship with its true value destined to rise over time because it is pure painting, done with genuine attention to every single aspect, with a commitment that from honesty borders on passion. 

It is sold mounted on a frame with an orone bottom, two hangers, and a guarantee certificate. Live viewing is possible but travel expenses will not be at my expense. 

Refrain from wasting time. 

By law I accept the return within 14 days, but the costs of packing and shipping as always will be at your expense and the painting must be in the exact storage conditions with which it was sent by me. 

 See also my biography, curriculum, and my other forgeries and paintings on Pitturiamo. 

Thank you, 


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