"The Soul"

by Elena Bartolini

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When everything around us seems to collapse on us or force us into suffocating mental and physical spaces, we have the certainty of a constant presence that rushes to free, protect and sustain our most intimate and profound being, which brings us serenity, harmony, peace and freedom , our Soul.

Large painting, made with oil, canvas and frame made by me prepared with plaster, animal glue, walnut oil, pigments and linen from a liner that can be seen, for example. at the top right, areas with holes lacking a mestica specially left to emphasize the airiness of the painting.

Original painting of excellent workmanship with its true value destined to rise over time because it is pure painting, done with genuine attention to every single aspect, with a commitment that from honesty borders on passion. 

It is sold without a frame, two hangers, and a guarantee certificate. Live viewing is possible but travel expenses will not be at my expense. 

I can consider and eventually accept purchase proposals. Refrain from wasting time. 

By law I accept the return within 14 days, but the costs of packing and shipping as always will be at your expense and the painting must be in the exact storage conditions with which it was sent by me. 

See also my biography, resume, and my other forgeries and paintings on Pitturiamo. 

Thank you, 


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