Mouth with the pipe - Limited Edition of 100

by Mario Ubaldino

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The work is a "non-portrait" of a woman, most of the face of what should be a woman smoking a pipe is missing, a surrealist version of the "Pipe Smoking Woman" for sale on the Saatchi Art website and here on PitturiAmo in the Union Jack version. The work emphasizes the carnal act of smoking, choosing to represent only the two basic elements of the smoker's erotic ritual, the mouth and the smoked instrument. The human ardor of making love with a pipe rather than with a man, becomes that same pipe that traditionally belongs to the male, with the dreamily portrayed woman who is loving the pipe, the man's substitute object.

Work in limited edition numbered and hand signed by Mario Ubaldino. This work and any other for sale is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

Exact dimensions: 100 x 100.7 cm (External measurements : 102 x 102.7 cm) Printed on Hahnemühle William Turner paper with a 1 cm white border. The work is also available for sale as a print on canvas with a 20 mm stretcher. The measurements of the canvas are 100 x 100.7 cm.

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