by Domenico Cialone

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REVERSE TIME A work that represents each of us who would not want to go back to hug a loved one or change something in their past life, so here is the passage of time that is opposed by events. Year 0 the crucifixion resets in our calendar as the duration of the day 12/24 but the time flows the hands move up to arrive at 3/15 hours where it represents the nativity that goes in contrast with the time because it happens after the crucifixion, the hands advance until 6/18 hours and Lucifer is shown to be cast out to Hell but this happens before the nativity and the crucifixion, up to 9/21 hours where God is represented, he is everything in every where he comes first of everything the time is so contrasted by a series of events backwards to cancel each other out, so comes TEMPO INVERSO (Master of the ScultarTE Domenico Cialone, oil on canvas 70x100 ScultARTE.


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