The Bay of Nantucket in the century 1800

by Carlo La Porta

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Work selected by the Artistic Committee for the final of the ARTE Milano Award

The picture represents the Bay and the Harbour of the Town of Nantucket, in the nineteenth century setting, with whaling ships and bottom fishing boats.

Nantucket is an island of the United States of America, south of Cape Cod, in the state of Massachusetts, known for the traffic of whaling ships that landed there at the end of the 19th century. In its waters was the story of the novel Moby Dick written in 1851 by Herman Melville, where the adventures of the Pequod whaling ship were told at Captain Achab's command. In reality Pequod never existed, Melville inspired the story of another whaling ship, Essex, a 27-meter whaler who wrecked during a hunt in 1820, sunk by a huge wormhole.

In the picture, the essex is represented on the right side (for the one who looks), which is leading towards the interior of the workmanship, while the crewmen drop the shuttle boats.

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the certificate of authenticity is provided in accordance with DL 22/01/2004 n.42

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