They wait by the river

by David Higginson

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As we journey inexorably closer towards the inevitable conclusion that awaits us all, we find ourselves grasping onto the glimmer of hope for something beyond the veil of mortality. In that moment when we stand at the threshold, preparing to traverse the river that marks the divide between worlds, we yearn for the assurance that there is a beacon of light waiting to guide us through the shadows.

We hold onto the belief that as we approach that fateful crossing, there will be a comforting presence on the other side, extending a helping hand to ease our passage. We long for a figure whose outstretched arms promise a tender embrace, imbued with warmth and solace, enveloping us in a sense of security and reassurance amidst the unknown expanse ahead.

In this poignant contemplation of life's transient journey and the uncertainty of what lies beyond, we seek the comfort of companionship and support, yearning for a kindred spirit to accompany us through the threshold of existence. It is in this hope for connection and understanding, in both the final moments and the enigma that follows, that we find solace and the courage to embrace the mysteries that await us on the other side of that ethereal river.

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  1. Marija Dedic
    Feb 27, 2024, 12:03:04 PM

    I love this one

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