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Elisa Marianini was born in Florence in 1967.

Daughter of art, specialized in reproduction techniques of ancient paintings. Performs portraits, decorations, paintings, trompe l'oeil, restorations.

His contemporary works link the figurative to the abstract and are rich in symbolic and allegorical meanings dear to the art of the Renaissance, recovering and proposing a "New Humanism".

Graduated in History and Protection of Artistic Heritage and in History of Art, she provides advice in the artistic field, releasing expertises, in addition to teaching activities of Art History Courses and Painting Courses for various levels.

He has held personal and collective exhibitions. His works appear in private collections in New York, Jupiter, Paris, Lausanne, Oslo, Brescia, Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, Turin. Permanent exhibition of his work in his laboratories.

Art workshop and restoration:

Via del Porcellana, 39 / r 50123 Florence 055-219250

Artistic study:

Traversa del Mugello SP 551, Via Provinciale 14h, Località La Torre, 50038 Scarperia, (FI)

Elisa Marianini


[email protected]

+39 339 2933799

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Curriculum vitae Elisa Marianini

 Elisa Marianini ( Florence 1967 ) is the art daughter of an art father. She starts working in

Foresto Marianini’s atelier from her earliest years. This very well renowned painter, decorator and

restorer in Florence reveals every secret of ancient techniques to his gifted daughter that starts her

unique apprentice. She degrees in History and Safeguard of Artistic Heritage and specializes in

History of Art “magna cum laude”.

 Nowadays in this historical atelier she continues her father’s tradition and has perfectioned

her knowledge in reproducing ancient paintings, mastering the rare materials and complex

techniques of the Masters of Ancient Times. As her father before she is also very appreciated as a

restorer of ancient and modern paintings.

 As an Art historian she works as an art consultant and critic, issuing expertises; she runs

several classes of Art History and Painting for different degrees of knowledge and techniques.

 She exhibited her paintings alone and together with other artists; her works can be seen in

private collections in New York, Jupiter ( Florida), Paris, Lausanne, Oslo, Milan, Rome, Turin,

Siena, Florence, Brescia. A permanent exhibit can be seen in her ateliers.

 As an art critic she gives lectures on different artists and themes, in Tuscany and other

italian regions. The profound feeling for her native country and beautiful Mugello, birthplace of

the Medici’s family, has tickled her curiosity for Reinassance, the Manifattura Chini “Fornaci San

Lorenzo”s artists, Freemasonry and generally for the esoteric milieu, so well represented in

Florence. In 2015 she has published a book upon artistic memories dedicated to the soldiers killed

in the First World War in the Mugello area.

 Since 2013 she joins the “Gruppo Dinamo”, a group of “stubborn and unruly artists”;

painters, sculptors, designers, goldsmiths, potter, photographers and musicians who share their

passion for art and exchange ideas and new points of view.

 Her contemporary work connects figurative and abstract art and is full of allegorical and

symbolic meanings so relevant in Reinassance Art; this allows the artist to regain and introduce a

“New Humanism”; thus the center of her pictorical research is human being and his potential, his

human dimension and his higher ambition. This human being, with his fragility and weakness,

though with the gift and richness of his diversity carries out his journey .

Looking for the essential meaning of life, he traces a path for future generations.

Historical Atelier: via del Porcellana, 39/r 50123 Firenze, phone number 055 219250

Artistic Atelier: Traversa del Mugello SP 551, Via Provinciale 14/h, Località La Torre, 50038 Scarperia

e San Piero,(FI), mobile 339 2933799

Internet address: http://www.elisamarianini.it

E.Mail: [email protected]

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