Valentina "Vania" Summa, born in Vigevano on September 13th of 1981, took a diploma at  "Casorati" High School of Arts in Novara (1999), attended a Fifth Supplementary Year and then ended her course of study with a degree at Brera's Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (2005). She developed her formation with a specialization in Exhibition  Design in Firenze and she worked for some years in the Museum of Daily Life and the Museum of the Great War in Vigevano. She studied violin and piano and she took a diploma in music theory at Novara's Conservatory.

Illustrator, writer of the fantasy saga "Ko-Mython", actress and singer, Valentina carries on each one of her passions, a merge of arts that take inspiration one from the other. Performer, organizer of artistic and literary events, she also works in primary and middle schools teaching Art and Creative Writing. 

Her principle source of ispiration is epic, gothic and fantasy literature. Her themes are often nocturne, symbolic, born from dreams or nightmares. Her style is fundamentally figurative but she is open to experiments. She calls herself a "lifelong learner", her search in neverending.

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