modern paintings

Sono stati trovati n° 918 quadri presented in order of ranking.

Select from the menus below the price range, the subject (Abstract, Still Life, Landscape, Portrait), width and height of the work. The more parameters you enter, the more you restrict the search. If you are looking for a painting with some particular subject, for example a tree, enter the word "tree" in the "Keyword" field. If you are looking for a painting by an artist in particular, already registered on PitturiAmo, enter his name in the "Artist" field. Selecting the "For Sale" CheckBox if you want to restrict the search only to the paintings that have been placed For Direct Sale, purchased online with PayPal.

CAUTION. If you are looking for an author copy, enter the name of the author copied in the "Keyword" field. For example Enter Picasso in the "keyword" field to find all the modern paintings that, in some way, are related to Picasso (copyrights, portraits, dedications, and so on).

In this list you will not only find paintings made in Italy but all the possible types of graphic works. Modern paintings, abstract paintings, wall decorations, black and white paintings, paintings for your bedroom, paintings on canvas, paintings with flowers and so on.

If you have not found what you are looking for try to widen the search by deleting the parameters entered.